B W A  W r o c ³ a w  -  G a l l e r i e s  o f  C o n t e m p o r a r y  A r t

50-149 Wroc³aw, ul. Wita Stwosza 32, Poland 
Director: Marek Pucha³a
tel. +48 (071) 790 25 81, fax.: +48 (0) 71 790 25 90

BWA Wroc³aw was established in 1962. It is the biggest gallery in Wroc³aw. It consists of three independent units, each of them having a unique programme profile. BWA Wroc³aw presents contemporary Polish and European art, carries out educational, documentation and promotional activities as well as exhibitions in other galleries, both in Poland and abroad. The gallery is open to co-operation with artists and independent exposition curators.

Awangarda Gallery
50-149 Wroc³aw, ul. Wita Stwosza 32, Poland
tel. +48 (071) 790 25 82, fax.: +48 (071) 790 25 90,

Awangarda is the biggest gallery of BWA Wroc³aw (over 1000 square metres of exposition area). It is based in the old Hatzfeld Palace, the building that was destroyed in result of World War II atrocities and in the post war times maintained as a "living ruin" adapted to present contemporary art. The ambition of the Gallery is to present art that comments upon current reality and is not afraid of controversial statements. The structure of the building facilitates delivering a couple of expositions at the same time, which in effect leads to circa fifty events in Awangarda Gallery per year. 
The Gallery popularises, among others, classical works of contemporary art, art involved in commenting hot current social issues, Polish independent cartoon art, Polish and European video art and photography. The Gallery co-operates on regular basis with ASP in Wroc³aw (Academy of Fine Arts) in organizing diploma exhibitions of graduates of all Academy's departments; it's also the co-organizer of "National Exhibition of The Young Painters" and Geppert's Contest, which is one of the most influential reviews of painting of young Polish artists. In the area of education BWA Awangarda organises meetings with artists, theoreticians and art critics, lectures and art workshops that help to get familiar with current Polish an world achievements of contemporary art.
One of the new units of BWA Awangarda is Studio BWA, opened in 1999. The Studio has several functions: it serves as an ephemeral exposition space available to the viewers free of charge and an art studio hosting artists invited from all over Poland and from abroad. There you can view exhibitions, participate in workshops, performance events, graduation diploma presentations, other art events and enjoy film shows.

Glass and Ceramics Gallery
50-108 Wroc³aw, ul. Kie³ba¶nicza 5, Poland
tel. +48 (071) 372 34 58

The Gallery is located in a passage joining Old Market Square and Kie³ba¶nicza Street. Its 100 square metres serve solely as an exposition area where glass art works, both fine art and applied art, and ceramics are presented - the only such case in Poland. The unique standing of the Gallery is a result of unique standing of the city of Wroc³aw as a most influential centre of glass and ceramic art in Poland. The Gallery and ASP Wroc³aw (Academy of Fine Arts) co-organize "Glass of the Young Artists" and "Ceramics of the Young Artists" - regular reviews of the creativity of most interesting personalities among students and graduates of Glass and Ceramics Department of ASP. 

Design Gallery
50-067 Wroc³aw, ul. ¦widnicka 2-4, Poland

The Gallery is located in close vicinity of Old Market Square of Wroc³aw, the very centre of recreation, entertainment and merchandising area of the city. It focuses on presentation of achievements of designers. The program of The Gallery comprises all areas of design: interior design, industrial design, consumer graphic art, advertising photography and other works of art of related genres. Its ambition is to emphasise the esthetical influences of objects and to popularise new trends and inspirations inherent in applied arts.